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Simple Household & Estate Solutions

This is an absolute auction.  If you are not able to pick up the items on the required date/time, please do not bid.  Failure to pick up items does not negate responsibility to pay.

The following are the terms and conditions which apply specifically to this catalog:

This is an absolute auction.

A 10% Buyer's Premium Applies.

As Clicking on the Terms and Conditions is Required to Bid, All Bidders will Be Held to the Terms and Conditions.

The Pick-up for this Auction is on Tuesday, October 3rd between 5 and 7 pm.

Only Winning Bidders Will Receive the Address; It Will Be Listed on the Invoice Sent to Your Email.

Those Failing to Pick-up Their Lots Are Still Required to Pay For The Lots and May No Longer Be Able to Bid in Auctions.

Any Portion of a Won Lot Deemed to Have Been Abandoned Will Have a Clean-up Fee Applied to Their Account.

For more information on how this affects you, please read our site's Terms & Conditions

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